September 12, 2017

Winter Squash

  • Check out the YouTube TOUR OF THE MARKET by WBOC TV!

  • Entertainment:
    Market favorites Bruce Anthony and Sam Noble will be at the market to entertain you with blues and jazz.

  • Green Tent:
    Visit the Green Tent and learn about the Abbot Mills Nature center and the many nature programs that they offer for children and adults.

  • Volunteer at the RBFM: If you would like to volunteer at the Market, check with Pat Coluzzi, the Market Master, at to find out what help is needed.



Portabella Gratin
  • Split 6 portobella mushrooms caps into 12 thin rounds. Toss together 1 1/4 cup shredded muenster cheese, 2/3 cup plain breadcrumbs, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, 1 minced garlic clove, and salt and pepper, to taste. Layer the portobella rounds and cheese mixture in a baking dish, making 3 layers of each. Drizzle with 3 tablespoons water, cover with foil and bake at 400 degrees, 35 minutes. Uncover and bake 8 more minutes.